Grade 1 Daily Lesson Log – 3rd Quarter DLL – SY 2019 – 2020

We are now on the 3rd Quarter of school year 2019 – 2020! To help you in your lesson preparations, you can now download K to 12 Daily lesson Logs aligned with the current Curriculum Guide for each grade level. Preparing Daily Lesson Logs is very crucial. It consumes a lot of time especially when we lack the required learning materials and teachers guides. Worry no more, we aim to make your work a lot easier. Visit this website regularly to get the latest and updated Daily Lesson Logs. Here  you will find the download links for the LATEST Grade 1 Daily Lesson Log – 3rd Quarter DLL – SY 2019 – 2020.


Grade 1 3rd quarter dll

Curriculum Content and Performance Standards

Araling Panlipunan

Naipamamalas ang kamalayan at pag-unawa sa sarili bilang kasapi ng pamilya at paaralan at pagpapahalaga sa kapaligirang pisikal gamit ang konsepto ng pagpapatuloy at pagbabago, interaksyon, distansya at direksyon tungo sa pagkakakilanlan bilang indibidwal at kasapi ng pangkat ng lipunan.komunidad.


The learner demonstrates basic understanding of the fundamental processes in music and art, through performing, creating, listening and observing, and responding.

Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao

Naipamamalas ng mag-aaral ang pag-unawa sa mga paraan ng paggalang sa sarili, kapwa, bansa at Diyos bilang gabay tungo sa maayos at masayang tahanan at paaralan.


The learner demonstrates mastery of basic skills in English language arts; communicates appropriately, fluently and accurately orally and writes for a variety of purposes in different social and academic context at his/her level while carrying out real life tasks necessary to cope with the demands of a functionally literate and competent local, national, and global citizen.


Pagkatapos ng Unang Baitang, inaasahang nauunawaan ng mga mag-aaral ang mga pasalita at di-pasalitang paraan ng pagpapahayag at nakatutugon nang naaayon. Nakakamit ang mga kasanayan sa mabuting pagbasa at pagsulat upang maipahayag at maiugnay ang sariling ideya, damdamin at karanasan sa mga narinig at nabasang mga teksto ayon sa kanilang antas o nibel at kaugnay ng kanilang kultura.


The learner demonstrates an understanding of the essential concepts related to nutrition and personal health as well as knowledge in injury-prevention, safety and first aid, as factors in facilitating the development of healthy habits and practices among individuals.


The learner demonstrates understanding and appreciation of key concepts and skills involving numbers and number sense (whole numbers up to 100, ordinal numbers up to 10th, money up to PhP100, addition and subtraction of whole numbers, and fractions ½ and 1/4);geometry (2- and 3-dimensional objects); patterns and algebra (continuous and repeating patterns and number sentences); measurement (time, non-standard measures of length, mass, and capacity);and statistics and probability (tables, pictographs, and outcomes) as applied – using appropriate technology – in critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning, communicating, making connections, representations, and decisions in real life.

Mother Tongue

The learner demonstrates basic communication skills in talking about familiar topics using simple words and both verbal and non-verbal cues to understand spoken language, shows understanding of basic vocabulary and language structures, reading process, writing system and appreciates aspects of one’s culture.


The learner demonstrates basic understanding of the fundamental processes in music and art, through performing, creating, listening and observing, and responding.

Physical Education

The learner demonstratesunderstanding of movement concepts and skills in preparation for active participation in various physical activities.


At the end of Grade 1, learners will use their senses to locate and describe the external parts of their body; to identify, external parts of animals and plants; to tell the shape, color, texture, taste, and size of things around them; to describe similarities and differences given two objects; to differentiate sounds produced by animals, vehicles cars, and musical instruments; to illustrate how things move; to, describe the weather and what to do in different situations; to use appropriate terms or vocabulary to describe these features; to collect, sort, count, draw, take things apart, or make something out of the things; to practice healthy habits (e.g., washing hands properly, choosing nutritious food) and safety measures (e.g., helping to clean or pack away toys, asking questions and giving simple answers/ descriptions to probing questions).


3rd Quarter Grade 1 Daily Lesson Log – DLL  SY 2019 – 2020

Week 1 – Grade 1 Daily Lesson Log   ( OCTOBER 28 – NOVEMBER 1, 2019 )  (Update!) 


Week 2– Grade 1 Daily Lesson Log   ( NOVEMBER 4 – 8, 2019 )  (Update!) 


Week 3– Grade 1 Daily Lesson Log   ( NOVEMBER 11 – 15, 2019 )  (Update!) 


Week 4 – Grade 1 Daily Lesson Log   ( NOVEMBER 18 – 22, 2019 )  (Update!) 


Week 5 – Grade 1 Daily Lesson Log   ( NOVEMBER 25 – 29, 2019 )  (Update!) 


Week 6 – Grade 1 Daily Lesson Log   ( DECEMBER 2 – 6, 2019 )  (Update!) 


Week 7 – Grade 1 Daily Lesson Log   ( DECEMBER 9 – 13, 2019 )  (Update!) 


Week 9 – Grade 1 Daily Lesson Log   ( JANUARY 6 – 10, 2020 )  (Update!) 


Week 10 – Grade 1 Daily Lesson Log   ( JANUARY 13 – 17, 2020 )  (Update!) 




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