4th Periodical Tests with TOS | Final Exams SY 2022 – 2023

Welcome! To help teachers evaluate student learning and assess teaching and learning process, we have ready-made MELC-Based 3rd Periodical Tests that are in line with the most recent Curriculum Guide for each grade level accessible for download. The download links for the 4th Periodical Tests with TOS | Final Exams SY 2022 – 2023 can be seen below.


Assessment in education primarily serves the purpose of gauging and reporting on what students have learned. It plays an integral role in teaching and learning that facilitates interaction between teachers and students. Assessment encompasses various activities undertaken by teachers as well as the students that gives data that can be utilized to address if there is a need to modify the teaching and learning process. These activities encompass teacher observation, analysis of student work such as homework, tests, essays, reports, practical procedures, and classroom discussions. All of these are aimed at testing students’ knowledge and understanding. Additionally, assessment data helps in outstanding student selection, motivation, as well as meeting public expectations regarding school standards and school accountability. Assessment is categorized as either formative or summative based on the purpose and utilization of the results obtained.

Formative assessment provides feedback to teachers during instruction to evaluate students’ progress. It offers valuable insights into the effectiveness of teaching methods and helps determine appropriate remedial measures if needed. Hence, it is often referred to as assessment for learning.

Summative assessment, on the other hand, occurs at the conclusion of a unit of semester to assess students’ achievement levels or the overall performance of a program. This type of assessment frequently takes the form of external examinations or tests and is known as assessment of learning.

A significant portion of students’ time in school is devoted to practicing the knowledge and skills required for assessment, which ultimately becomes their acquired learning. Formative assessment occurs when teachers and students engage in a process of responding to students’ work, making judgments about the quality of learning achieved. Feedback derived from this dialogue provides information on the student’s present state of learning and performance in relation to desired goals and standards. This feedback is aimed at enhancing the student’s learning experience and is exploratory and provisional in nature. It seeks to encourage further engagement and dialogue among students and teachers. The feedback process within the learning cycle begins with the production and submission of student work, followed by teacher assessment and provision of feedback.

Formative assessment and feedback depart from the traditional classroom model where the teacher initiates, students respond, and the teacher provides feedback. It fosters a dynamic exchange of ideas and encourages active participation from all parties involved in the learning process.

The download links for the 4th Periodical Tests with TOS | Final Exams SY 2022 – 2023 can be found below. After downloading, please take a moment to LIKE our Facebook page as support to our File Contributors and File Editors. Thank you!

4th Quarter Examination Schedule |
4th Periodical Tests Schedule

4th Quarter Examination
(Final Examinations for Grades 6 and 12)

JUNE 22 – 23 (Thursday – Friday)
4th Quarter Examination
(Final Examinations for Grades 1-5 & 7-11)

JUNE 29 – 30 (Thursday – Friday)

NEW Exam Files!
4th Periodical Tests with TOS | Final Exams SY 2022 – 2023

GRADE 1  4th Periodical Tests

GRADE 2 4th Periodical Tests

GRADE 3  4th Periodical Tests

GRADE 4  4th Periodical Tests

GRADE 5  4th Periodical Tests

GRADE 6  4th Periodical Tests


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GRADE 7  4th Periodical Tests

GRADE 8  4th Periodical Tests

GRADE 9  4th Periodical Tests

GRADE 10 4th Periodical Tests

SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL  4th Periodical Tests


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