Grade 4 Daily Lesson Log 4th Quarter DLL SY 2022-2023

Welcome! To help teachers create lesson plans that are suitable for a range of learners that encourage students to participate actively in the discussion, and are cogent and pertinent to the learning experiences, we have ready-made Grade 4 Daily Lesson Log 4th Quarter DLL SY 2022-2023 that are in line with the most recent Curriculum Guide for each grade level accessible for download. The download links for the weekly K–12 Daily Lesson Logs can be seen below..

The Characteristics of Lesson Planning

Due to its connection to society’s goals and the widespread participation in the concept development process, lesson planning is an objective endeavor. It is a dynamic notion, so if the data that comes in calls for a change, it may and must be made. The many actions that make up planning may be divided into two categories: processes and directives. Planning lessons involves choosing financing sources, therefore it must be able to minimize waste, redundancy, abuse, and mismanagement.

The teacher should take into account a number of crucial factors when creating a lesson plan. These are the guiding principles:

  • Concerning variations in learners, such as gender, prior capacity, intellectual level, interest, motivation for gaining knowledge, talent, promise, social skills, emotion, styles of learning, special needs, learning speed, culture origins, norms, and values. In order to create an acceptable and helpful lesson plan for students, teachers must take into account a variety of factors connected to the characteristics and histories of their students before beginning a lesson plan.
  • Motivate students to take an active role in the discussion. By fostering student motivation, interest, inventiveness, drive, motivation, autonomy, and learning zeal, the teaching and learning process puts the focus on the learners. Additionally, by making several beneficial efforts, the teachers will encourage their children to stay active. A teacher must thus take into account this idea while setting up a lesson plan.
  • Promote a culture of reading and writing. This indicates that reading and writing are cultural abilities that are very rarely considered by teachers or students. Therefore, a teacher must take this idea into account while setting up a lesson plan.
  • Provide feedback and follow-up, including creating a draft program for encouraging feedback, emancipation, enrichment, and remedial action. After completing teaching-learning activities or post-teaching activities, teachers are required to give feedback and follow up on the assignments or performances of their students in this section.
  • Be pertinent and coherent. The development of a lesson plan takes into account the coherence and relevance of the learning experience’s resources, teaching-learning activities, teaching-and-learning standards, indicators of competency accomplishment, assessments, and resources. The lesson plan was created using a theme approach to teaching and learning, cross-disciplinary integration, and cultural diversity. This implies that teachers must ensure that the lesson plans they create are appropriate for a variety of cultural backgrounds and are related to the score competence, basic competence, supplies, and other components of the lesson plans.
  • Apply technological and communicational knowledge based on the circumstances. In order to pique students’ interests in learning, instructors may use material from technology and communication media, such as the internet, newspapers, and others, into their lesson plans.

Grade 4 Daily Lesson Log 4th Quarter DLL SY 2022-2023

Week 1 Quarter 4 Grade 4 Daily Lesson Log ( May 2 – 5, 2023 )  (Update!)  

Week 2 Quarter 4 Grade 4 Daily Lesson Log ( May 8 – 12, 2023 )  (Update!)  

Week 3 Quarter 4 Grade 4 Daily Lesson Log ( May 15 – 19, 2023 )  (Update!)  

Week 4 Quarter 4 Grade 4 Daily Lesson Log ( May 22 – 26, 2023 )  (Update!)  

Week 5 Quarter 4 Grade 4 Daily Lesson Log ( May 29 – June 2, 2023 )  (Update!)  

Week 6 Quarter 4 Grade 4 Daily Lesson Log ( June 5 – 9, 2023 )  (Update!) 

Week 7 Quarter 4 Grade 4 Daily Lesson Log ( June 12 – 16, 2023 )  (Update!) 

Week 8 Quarter 4 Grade 4 Daily Lesson Log ( June 19 – 23, 2023 )  (Update!) 

Week 9 Quarter 4 Grade 4 Daily Lesson Log ( June 26 – 30, 2023 )  (Update!) 


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