GRADE 4 – 1st Periodical Tests – All Subjects with TOS

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Teacher Evaluation in the Assessment of Learning

Designing student evaluation strategies that aim to offer a concise account of student accomplishment at a specific point in time presents a significant difficulty. The assessment procedure itself can have a significant impact on the learning process even if it is primarily intended to measure learning outcomes, according to research.

Different assessment policies and procedures have an impact on teaching strategies, teacher-student interactions, and students’ motivation, effort, learning styles, and self-efficacy beliefs. External assessment is the term used to describe standardized tests that are created and graded outside of specific schools and typically take the form of a written exam. External evaluation has a high degree of reliability, which is its main benefit. It guarantees that all students are evaluated on the same assignments and that the standards used to evaluate their performance are the same for all students. Additionally, external evaluation is frequently done under close supervision, ensuring that the student truly completed the job being evaluated. However, it is frequently argued that external assessment is less valid than teacher-based assessment. It typically takes the form of a written exam administered under close supervision, making it impossible to cover all of the curriculum’s objectives. Additionally, it may be damaging to instruction and learning. When there are significant consequences for their students depending on the test results, there is a possibility that teachers will wind up concentrating on test-taking techniques.

Continuous assessments that are created and/or graded by the students’ own teachers are referred to as teacher-based evaluations. It is done privately in the classroom and counts toward the student’s overall grade or evaluation. Summative evaluations conducted by teachers may comprise a variety of assessment methods, including portfolios, project work, projects integrated into the classroom, and examinations created by the teachers. In the literature, teacher-based evaluation is frequently argued to have greater validity than external assessment.

As a result of its continual character, teacher-based evaluation frequently enables the measurement of significant accomplishments that, for example, longer projects, practical assignments, or oral work, could not be covered in a final test. However, evaluations conducted by teachers are frequently viewed as being inaccurate. The findings of internal assessment may lack external trust and cannot be compared across schools since test items and grading criteria may differ greatly between teachers and schools.

Additionally, there may be a significant chance of bias in teacher-based evaluations, meaning that some student groups may be unfairly treated. This suggests that in order to guarantee the highest level of validity and reliability, a combination of teacher-based and external assessments would be most appropriate. This method should be used to cover learning outcomes that are easily assessed by an external test, while a continuous teacher-based assessment should be used to evaluate more difficult competencies.

Using scoring guides, negotiated scoring standards, external benchmarks, training for teachers, multiple judgments, and external moderation are further methods to increase the validity of teacher-based assessments. Another strategy is to create assessments that students can take whenever they feel ready, with teachers using a central bank of assessment assignments as a resource.

GRADE 4 – 1st Periodical Tests with TOS



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