Guidelines On The Utilization Of The 2018 Financial Support For Multigrade Schools | DepEd Order No. 08, s.2018

One of the continuing initiatives of the Department of Education (DepEd)  along its thrust of increasing access to quality elementary education is strengthening the implementation of the Multigrade Program in Philippine Education (MPPE). The MPPE addresses pressing concerns and issues on the provision of customized teaching and learning materials for multigrade classes and professional development of teachers.

To support the plans to effectively implement the multigrade program, DepEd issues the enclosed Guidelines on the Utilization of the 2018 Financial Support for Multigrade Schools which stipulate the procedures on fund release, utilization, reporting, and liquidation.


DepEd Order No. 08, s.2018

Guidelines On The Utilization Of The 2018 Financial Support For Multigrade Schools

The Education Act of 1982 declares that the educational system shall make maximum contribution to the attainment of national development goals; that among others the State promotes and maintains equality of access to education; that the State recognizes education as an instrument for the development of the cultural communities of the nation; that the educational system reach out to serve educationally deprived communities to enrich their participation in the community and national life, and to unify all Filipinos into a free and just nation. This was reiterated in the 1987 Constitution which guarantees the right to education of every Filipino. Such right to education is further emphasized in the Republic Act 9155 or the Governance of Basic Education Act of 2001 in which, the education governance and decision-making are decentralized, thereby allowing education leaders and managers to deliver demand-driven services on the ground including multigrade schools.

Consistent with its mandate to improve access to quality elementary education particularly in the far-flung, isolated and poor communities, the DepEd through the Bureau of Elementary Education(BEE), then launched the Multigrade Program in Philippine Education MPPE) in 1993. The Department’s first initiative for MPPE was to improve the conditions of the MG education in the country through training programs, curriculum development and development of appropriate learning materials.

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