Kindergarten Daily Lesson Log (DLL) – 1st Quarter SY 2022 – 2023

Welcome to school year 2022 – 2023! To help you in your lesson preparations, you can now download K to 12 Daily lesson Logs aligned with the current Curriculum Guide for each grade level. Preparing Daily Lesson Logs is very crucial. It consumes a lot of time especially when we lack the required learning materials and teachers guides. Worry no more, we aim to make your work a lot easier. Visit this website regularly to get the latest and updated Daily Lesson Logs. Here  you will find the download links for the LATEST Kindergarten Daily Lesson Log (DLL) – 1st Quarter SY 2022 – 2023.


Developmental Domains  for the Kindergarten Curriculum Framework 

“Developmental domains” refers to specific aspects of growth and changes in children. These are represented by the ellipses to show interconnectedness in the holistic development of children. The contents of each developmental domain are defined by learning expectations, as follows:

Socio-Emotional Development (Pagpapaunlad ng Sosyo-Emosyunal at Kakayahang Makipamuhay) 

Children are expected to develop emotional skills, basic concepts pertaining to her/himself, how to relate well with other people in his/her immediate environment, demonstrate awareness of one’s social identity, and appreciate cultural diversity among the school, community, and other people.

Values Development (Kagandahang Asal)

Children are expected to show positive attitudes, self-concept, respect, concern for self and others, behave appropriately in various situations and places, manifest love of God, country, and fellowmen.

Physical Health & Motor Development (Kalusugang Pisikal at Pagpapaunlad sa Kakayahang Motor)

Children are expected to develop both their fine and gross motor skills to be efficient and effective movers when engaging in wholesome physical and health activities. They are also expected to acquire an understanding of good health habits and develop their awareness about the importance of safety and how they can prevent danger at home, in school, and in public places.

Aesthetic/Creative Development (Sining)

Children are expected to develop their aesthetic sense and creative expression through drawing, painting, and manipulative activities. Aesthetic development involves the love and pursuit of beauty in art, music, and movement, and creates opportunities for the creative expression of emotions, thoughts, feelings, and ideas.


Children are expected to understand and demonstrate knowledge, thinking skills, and insights into patterns of mathematics, concepts of numbers, length, capacity, mass, and time through the use of concrete objects or materials, and to apply these meaningfully in their daily experiences. Children are provided with varied manipulative activities to help them see relationships and interconnections in math and enable them to deal flexibly with mathematical ideas and concepts.

Understanding of the Physical and Natural Environment

Children are expected to demonstrate a basic understanding of concepts pertaining to living and nonliving things, including weather, and use these in categorizing things in his/her environment. They are also expected to acquire the essential skills and sustain their natural curiosity in their immediate environment through exploration, discovery, observation, and relate their everyday experiences using their senses (touch, sight, smell, taste, and hearing).

Language, Literacy, and Communication

This domain provides opportunities on early literacy learning for self-expression through language using the mother tongue or the child’s first language. Children are expected to develop communicative skills in their first language. They are also expected to develop more positive attitudes toward reading, writing, and to view themselves as effective users and learners of language.

SOURCE: Department of Education

Kindergarten Daily Lesson Log (DLL) – 1st Quarter SY 2022 – 2023

These daily lesson log were made in compliance with the Department of Education format.

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