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PowerPoint is a powerful teaching tool in K-12 curriculum. Within the growing integration of technology and education, using PowerPoint software as a tool for teaching and learning has dominated classroom teaching practices in developed and, increasing, in developing nations. This tool has great potential to engage students and encourage in their learning. The PowerPoint presentations appeal to a learner’s visual and auditory senses if used effectively and therefore provide an effective learning experience to students.

There are various factors required for promoting effectiveness of student learning performance. Studies indicated that not only social interaction and interpersonal relationships are a necessary part of learning but also the assessment of learning, the emotional climate in the classroom, supportive learning environments, and the selection of the methods and activities of teaching and the inclusion of technology in the classroom, are also counted as features needed for an effective learning environment. Many schools are equipped with technology necessary for any instructor to display information using the PowerPoint software program.

1st quarter powerpointIntegration of computer technologies are tools for enhancement for learning and understanding. There is a confirmed conclusion about the growth of academic achievement within the use of education for advance technology.  The findings consistently suggest that this introduction increases student performance above the levels afforded by traditional instruction.




Powerpoint Presentations – 1st Quarter

GRADE 1 Powerpoint Presentations – 1st Quarter






GRADE 2 Powerpoint Presentations – 1st Quarter








GRADE 3 Powerpoint Presentations – 1st Quarter



GRADE 4 Powerpoint Presentations – 1st Quarter






GRADE 5 Powerpoint Presentations – 1st Quarter








GRADE 6 Powerpoint Presentations – 1st Quarter






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