Grade 1 – 3rd Periodical Tests – All Subjects + TOS | SY 2023-2024

Welcome! To help teachers generate assessment oriented feedback to improve student learning, we have ready-made MELC-Based Grade 1 – 3rd Periodical Tests – All Subjects + TOS | SY 2023-2024 that are in line with the most recent Curriculum Guide for each grade level accessible for download. See Google Drive links below.

How Feedback Affects Learning

Giving the student feedback on their performance will encourage self-reflection and advancement. A conceptual hierarchy based on motivation research that discriminated between task-oriented feedback, which has a tendency to improve learning, and self-oriented assessment, which is more likely to be ineffective or detrimental, allowed authors to explain some of the diversity in study outcomes.

It may be worthwhile to pay attention to the self vs. task contrast while attempting to create a learning-focused classroom atmosphere. Yet, because the vast majority of current studies are based on behaviorist presumptions, meta-analyses of the feedback research are generally of limited help in rethinking assessment from a developmental perspective.

The performance metrics employed in typical feedback research may be specifically defined markers of academic progress, feedback may take the form of straightforward reporting of correct and incorrect responses, and the end-of-study exam may only slightly deviate from the earlier metric and from the instructional materials. Feedback consists mostly of providing students with the correct response to the questions they got wrong, and both diagnostic and educational materials as exam events.

Teachers are taught to give written feedback on examinations from a cognitive perspective, i.e., to highlight understanding rather than rote memorization and to concentrate on specific mistakes and poor approach in the remarks. Written feedback not only dramatically increased achievement but also changed views about the subject and lessened the initial dominance of boys over girls.

The best teachers don’t seem to correct students’ mistakes immediately on a regular basis. Instead, they ignore mistakes that have no bearing on the solution process and, by providing hints or posing leading questions, avert mistakes that the student has made repeatedly in the past. Expert teachers only step in with a direct question to push the student to self-correct when the forestalling strategy fails. Instead, they may engage in debugging by asking a sequence of questions that are progressively more direct as they lead the student through the solution process.

DepEd 3rd Quarter Examination Schedule |
DepEd 3rd Periodical Tests Schedule

March 25 – 26, 2024
(Monday – Tuesday)

Effective teachers frequently use indirect types of feedback in order to keep students motivated and confident while also calling attention to their mistakes. These research findings shed light on a conflict between formative assessment and feedback and constructivist teaching techniques in the research. Some would contend that because the information acquired during an investigation would inevitably contradict their preconceptions, discourse techniques in inquiry-based classrooms would enable students to update their thinking without the need for specific, corrective feedback.

Formative evaluations ought to be incorporated into continuous educational activities. This can occasionally result in students getting feedback from their teachers, peers, or even themselves without the exchanges being specifically labeled as tests. At other times, it will be crucial for students to actively participate in evaluation so they can acquire the standards for what constitutes quality work and assume control over tracking their own growth. A study agenda on learner – centered assessment practices will include questions about providing explicit feedback vs indirect methods for encouraging students to reevaluate their concepts, just as it did with prior knowledge evaluation.


Grade 1 – 3rd Periodical Tests – All Subjects + TOS |
SY 2023-2024


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