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>>> DepEd: How should learning be assessed?

Effective teachers do not only prepare lesson plans, they also prepare an assessment plan or specifically a formative assessment plan. As defined in Department of Education Order No. 8, s. 2015 entitled Policy Guidelines on Classroom Assessment for the K to 12 Basic Education Program, formative assessment “refers to the ongoing forms of assessment that are closely linked to the learning process. It is characteristically informal and is intended to help students identify strengths and weaknesses in order to learn from the assessment experience.” Once the objectives of the lesson have been identified, teachers need to prepare a formative assessment plan integrated into the lesson and aligned with the lesson objectives. This means that a teacher needs to rely on multiple ways of assessing learning inside the classroom. Department of Education Order No. 8, s. 2015 presents a list of formative assessment methods that teachers can use during different parts of a lesson.

grade 6 dllThis also means that a lesson plan should embody the unity of instruction and assessment. While planning lessons, teachers need to be able to identify reliable ways to measure learners’ understanding. This means that teachers need to communicate to learners what they are expected to learn, involve them in assessing their own learning at the beginning, during, and end of every lesson, and use data from the assessment to continually adjust instruction to ensure attainment of learning outcomes. <<<

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New! Grade 6 Daily Lesson Log – 4th Quarter

Week 1 Grade 6 Daily Lesson Log   (January 14 – 18, 2019)  (Update!)  


Week 2 Grade 6 Daily Lesson Log   (January 21 – 25, 2019)  (Update!)  


Week 3 Grade 6 Daily Lesson Log   (January 28 – February 1, 2019)  (Update!)  


Week 4 Grade 6 Daily Lesson Log   (February 4 – 8, 2019)  (Update!)  


Week 5 Grade 6 Daily Lesson Log   (February 11 – 15, 2019)  (Update!)  


Week 6 Grade 6 Daily Lesson Log   (February 18 – 22, 2019)  (Update!)  


Week 7 Grade 6 Daily Lesson Log   (February 25 – March 1, 2019)  (Update!)  


Week 8 Grade 6 Daily Lesson Log   (March 4 – 8, 2019)  (Update!)  


Week 9 Grade 6 Daily Lesson Log   (March 11 – 15, 2019)  (Update!)  

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