Kindergarten Daily Lesson Log – 3rd Quarter DLL SY 2023-2024

Welcome! To help you achieve your teaching goals in every particular class session, we have ready-made weekly K–12 Daily Lesson Logs that are in line with the most recent Curriculum Guide for each grade level accessible for download. The download links for Kindergarten Daily Lesson Log – 3rd Quarter DLL SY 2023-2024 can be seen below.

Creating age-and content-appropriate lesson plans

Preparing lessons that are age-appropriate for the students is another part of good lesson planning that conforms to planning for learning differences. When teachers consider a student’s talents, they can make plans for how to support him or her at the right developmental phase. To accommodate the varying developmental stages of each student in the class, they can also alter or change ideas. The teacher must make sure that the activities and content are suitable for the students’ ages, even though students’ capacities to finish and participate in certain sessions may vary.

If the subject matter is too simple, students won’t be interested, and if it’s too complicated, they’ll feel burdened. The teacher must be aware of the students’ ages, as well as what is acceptable for their intellectual and developmental stages and their interests. Using active learning, teachers can create lesson plans that are age- and content-appropriate, accommodating for student learning variations, and utilizing a variety of teaching methodologies.

Students who work with high-achieving teachers have a lot of chances to participate in real-world reading and writing tasks. Students have the chance to engage with content that is relevant to their reality, which they find engaging and familiar, thanks to these real-life experiences. The teacher must provide students a modest task that was just slightly beyond their level of competency in order to assist and motivate them. In order to challenge students adequately, the teacher must have a solid understanding of the students, the subject matter, and the theories.

Even if students could find the task difficult, the experienced teachers are prepared to support them and guide them along without taking on the project themselves. Additionally, teachers need to be adept at properly scaffolding for their students. Teachers that are more effective provide their pupils activities that are well matched to them and instructional scaffolding. The difficulty of a modern teacher’s lesson planning is increased by the need to guarantee that every student is suitably challenged with age-appropriate resources and content.

Kindergarten Daily Lesson Log – 3rd Quarter DLL SY 2023-2024

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