New! Grade 3 Daily Lesson Log – 1st Quarter DLL | SY 2023 – 2024 DLL

Greetings and welcome! In order to assist teachers with harmonizing their teaching approaches with instructional patterns to create a comprehensive and unified lesson, we offer ready-made New! Grade 3 Daily Lesson Log – 1st Quarter DLL | SY 2023 – 2024 DLL that adhere with the latest Curriculum Guide for every grade level. Below, you’ll find the links to access the weekly K–12 Daily Lesson Logs for download.

At DepEd Resources, you will find the download links for the LATEST Grade 3 Daily Lesson Log after the article below.

The Benefits of Daily Lesson Planning for Effective Teaching and Learning

The DepEd’s guidelines encapsulate a holistic approach to teaching. They exhort teachers to channel their expertise into meticulously designed lessons fostering an environment where both teacher and student engage in a symbiotic journey of intellectual exploration. By emphasizing the importance of daily lesson preparation, the education sector strides toward its collective goal of instilling knowledge, igniting curiosity and preparing the future generation for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

In education, the significance of meticulous planning cannot be overstated. Recognizing this, the Department of Education (DepEd) has laid down guidelines for daily lesson preparation, underlining planning as a cornerstone for effective teaching and learning within schools.

Beyond its administrative aspects, daily lesson preparation holds a deeper purpose. It serves as a catalyst for reflective practice, compelling teachers to introspect and assess their instructional methodologies on a day-to-day basis. Such introspection aligns with the ethical principles outlined in Article IV, Section 2 of the Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers, a tenet established in 1997 through Board Resolution No. 435 by the Board of Professional Teachers. This stipulation mandates teachers to uphold the highest standards of education, emphasizing meticulous preparation as an integral aspect of their profession.

The policy’s core intent is to bolster teachers in maintaining the benchmarks of quality education. By reaffirming the value of instructional planning through Daily Lesson Log (DLL) or Detailed Lesson Plans (DLP), these guidelines champion teachers in optimizing instruction delivery and elevating their role as facilitators of learning.

Lesson planning transcends mere structuring. It empowers teachers to weave a tapestry of teaching strategies and methods, crafting a dynamic classroom experience. However, this choice is not arbitrary. The pedagogical tools chosen must be adeptly tailored to accommodate the diverse learning styles present within the classroom. This principle resonates with the core ethos of education – that of fostering an inclusive and adaptive environment to nurture the cognitive growth of every student.

New! Grade 3 Daily Lesson Log – 1st Quarter DLL |
SY 2023 – 2024 DLL

Week 1 Quarter 1 Grade 3 Daily Lesson Log DLL  (August 29 – September 1, 2023 DLL)  (Updated!)  

Week 2 Quarter 1 Grade 3 Daily Lesson Log DLL  ( September 4 – 8, 2023 DLL)  (Updated!) 

Week 3 Quarter 1 Grade 3 Daily Lesson Log DLL  ( September 11 – 15, 2023 DLL)  (Updated!)  

Week 4 Quarter 1 Grade 3 Daily Lesson Log DLL  ( September 18 – 22, 2023 DLL)  (Updated!)  

Week 5 Quarter 1 Grade 3 Daily Lesson Log DLL  ( September 25 – 29, 2023 DLL)  (Updated!)  


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