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>>>The Department of Education issued guidelines on daily lesson preparation based on the belief that planning is fundamental to ensuring the delivery of teaching and learning in schools.

Daily lesson preparation also encourages reflective practice since it requires teachers to think about and reflect on their instructional practices on a daily basis. Article IV, Section 2 of the Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers adopted in 1997 through Board Resolution No. 435 by the Board of Professional Teachers states that “every teacher shall uphold the highest standards of quality education, shall make the best preparations for the career of teaching, and shall be at his best at all times in the practice of his profession.”

Grade 3 dllThis policy is therefore meant to support teachers in upholding quality education standards by affirming the importance of instructional planning through Daily Lesson Log (DLL) or Detailed Lesson Plan (DLP) preparation. These guidelines ultimately aim to assist teachers in not only effectively managing instruction but also managing the performance of one of their core functions, which is to facilitate learning inside their classrooms.

In planning lessons, teachers can employ and combine a variety of teaching strategies and methods to deliver instruction. In choosing strategies and methods to use in teaching, the teacher has to consider learner diversity and whether or not the strategies or methods will respond to what learners inside the classroom need.

Source: Department of Education


Grade 3 Daily Lesson Log – 2nd Quarter

Week 1 Grade 3 Daily Lesson Log   (August 13 – 17, 2018)  (Updated!)  


Week 2 Grade 3 Daily Lesson Log   (August 20 – 24, 2018)  (Updated!)  


Week 3 Grade 3 Daily Lesson Log   (August 27 – 31, 2018)  (Updated!)  


Week 4 Grade 3 Daily Lesson Log   (September 3 -7, 2018)  (Updated!)


Week 5 Grade 3 Daily Lesson Log   (September 10 -14, 2018)  (Updated!) 


Week 6 Grade 3 Daily Lesson Log   (September 17 – 21, 2018)  (Updated!) 


Week 7 Grade 3 Daily Lesson Log   (September 24 – 28, 2018)  (Updated!) 


Week 8 Grade 3 Daily Lesson Log   (October1 – 5, 2018)  (Updated!) 


Week 9 Grade 3 Daily Lesson Log   (October 8 – 12, 2018)  (Updated!) 


Week 10 Grade 3 Daily Lesson Log   (October 15 – 19, 2018)  (Updated!) 


These daily lesson log were made in compliance with the Department of Education format.

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