Week 2 – 4th Quarter Daily Lesson Log DLL Update | January 21 – 25, 2019

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>>ICT Integration in Schools

Integration of Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT Integration) in education refers to the use of computer-based communication that incorporates into daily classroom instructional process. In conjunction with preparing students for the current digital era, teachers are seen as the key players in using ICT in their daily classrooms. This is due to the capability of ICT in providing dynamic and proactive teaching-learning environment. While, the aim of ICT integration is to improve and increase the quality, accessibility and cost-efficiency of the delivery of instruction to students, it also refers to benefits from networking the learning communities to face the challenges of current globalization. Process of adoption of ICT is not a single step, but it is ongoing and continuous steps that fully support teaching and learning and information resources.

week 2 dll

ICT integration in education generally means technology-based teaching and learning process that closely relates to the utilization of learning technologies in schools. Due to the fact that students are familiar with technology and they will learn better within technology-based environment, the issue of ICT integration in schools, specifically in the classroom is vital. This is because, the use of technology in education contributes a lot in the pedagogical aspects in which the application of ICT will lead to effective learning with the help and supports from ICT elements and components. It is right to say that almost all ranges of subjects start from mathematics, science, languages, arts and humanistic and other major fields can be learned more effectively through technology-based tools and equipment. In addition, ICT provides the help and complementary supports for both teachers and students where it involves effective learning with the help of the computers to serve the purpose of learning aids.

ICT can be used in various ways where it helps both teachers and students to learn about their respective subject areas. A technology- based teaching and learning offers various interesting ways which includes educational videos, stimulation, storage of data, the usage of databases, mind-mapping, guided discovery, brainstorming, music, World Wide Web (www) that will make the learning process more fulfilling and meaningful. On the other hand, students will benefit from ICT integration where they are not bounded to the limited curriculum and resources, instead hands-on activities in a technology-based course is designed to help them to stimulate their understanding about the subject. It also helps teachers to design their lesson plans in an effective, creative and interesting approach that would result in students’ active learning. Previous researches proved that use of ICT in teaching will enhance the learning process and maximizes the students’ abilities in active learning

There are three main stages for ICT to be highly valued and regarded by the teachers; integration, enhancement and complementary. Integration approach is about implementing right use of ICT in particular subject area that involved complex concepts and skills to improve student’s achievement and attainment. Besides, the review of curriculum is also needed so that only related ICT resources and appropriate software will be installed for the main aims and objectives of curriculum to be achieved. Enhancement approach is about using ICT to give great emphasis on the topic introduced. For instance, Microsoft PowerPoint can be used to present the topic in a very innovative and creative way that will lead into discussion and exchanging ideas and thoughts. Finally, complementary approach is when the ICT is used to aid and support the student’s learning. This approach allow students to be more organized and efficient in which they can take obtain the notes from computer, submit their works by email from home as long as they meet the deadline and looking for information from various sources provided online to fulfil the task given to them. Technology-based teaching and learning can make many changes in school that requires for proper planning and policy making. Researchers and policymakers must both have the same insight about the future plan.

National ICT policies can serve several crucial functions. They provide a rationale, a set of goals, and a vision of how education systems run if ICT is integrated into teaching and learning process, and they are beneficial to students, teachers, parents and the general population of a given country.

The first policy insists on all students are given opportunity to use ICT. This is aimed to reduce the digital gap amongst the schools. The second policy focuses on the role and function played by ICT in education. Besides that, another policy stressed on the use of ICT for accessing information, communication and as productivity tool

However, infrastructure and facility of ICT is then needed to supply to the schools throughout the nation. A key factor in use of ICT is sufficient computer labs and ICT equipment. This is to ensure that subject teachers are easily access to ICT tools whenever needed. Lack of adequate ICT equipment and internet access is one of the key problems that schools specifically in rural areas are facing now. For example, results of a research show that in Kenya, some schools have computer but this could be limited to one computer in the office only. Even in schools with computers, the student-computer ration is high. In addition, the report continues revealed that the schools with ICT infrastructure are supported by parents’ initiative or community power.

Beyond basic skill training, schools had used a variety of strategies to provide further professional development for teachers. The significance and advantages of ICT should be known by teachers in order to conduct a meaningful lesson with the use of ICT. Indeed, teachers should be sent to attend training courses to learn about integration ICT in teaching and learning process. Nonetheless, many school schools used peer-tutoring systems. A more skillful teacher in ICT would assist and guide another teacher who has less experience with ICT along the preparation work for teaching and learning process. As what has been discussed, there are many factors to enable the use of ICT in classroom teaching and learning. Begin with policy, follows by the supplement of all the ICT hardware and software facilities, continued by readiness and skills of teacher to integrate it into pedagogical process.

The main goal of ICT implementation in education proclaimed the vision and missions of the government to promote ICT in education for the following intentions:

1) To surround schools with dynamic and innovative learning environments for students to become more motivated and creative;

2) To enable students to gain wider range of knowledge and be able to access to internet for developing a global outlook;

3) To nurture students with capabilities of processing information more effectively and efficiently; and

4) To develop students with attitudes and capability of life-long learning

The new era of ICT in education should be developed rapidly to appropriate extent in order to matching the capability of students as well as teachers in educational experience due to the development of new information technology.


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Week 2 – 4th Quarter Daily Lesson Log DLL Update
January 21 – 25, 2019


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