Week 3 – 3rd Quarter Daily Lesson Log | February 12 – 16, 2024 DLLs

Greetings and welcome! To help teachers make the most of the resources available to them and create engaging lessons that meet their students’ needs, we are pleased to offer our ready-made Week 3 – 3rd Quarter Daily Lesson Log | February 12 – 16, 2024 DLLs that adhere with the latest Curriculum Guide for every grade level. Below, you’ll find the links to access the weekly K–12 Daily Lesson Logs for download.

Customized Educational Resources in Lesson Planning

Creating educational materials like textbooks and educational apps specifically for teaching has its benefits. These resources are usually well-made, professionally designed, edited and tested. They are often made to fit certain courses perfectly. However, they also have drawbacks. If they are made in large quantities, they might not fit every situation perfectly. The people making them probably didn’t ask you what you needed or what your students needed. Also, not all of these resources are at best quality and some might have biases or values that are not good for teaching.

On the other hand, when teachers make their own resources, they can make them just right for their classes. But there are downsides too. Since these resources are made for specific situations, they might not work well in other situations. Also, making them can take a lot of time, and it’s hard to keep them available at all times.

Teachers always have to decide which resources to use. Should the resources help the teacher or should they take over the teaching? Sometimes, teachers let the resources lead the way, especially if they’re absent or if students are working on their own. But this can mean the course is guided more by the resources than by what’s best for the students.

To avoid this, teachers need to think carefully about how they use resources in their lessons. They should decide in advance how much the resources will lead the lesson and how much the teacher will. The more the teacher leads, the easier it is to explain and use the resources. But these resources might not work well on their own.

Resources that are more resource-driven can be used more independently by students. But they can be hard to make. Often, it’s best to start with resources that need explanation and then edit them to be used on their own. Many professionally made resources started as resources made by teachers.

If you’ve made your own resources, think about how you could improve them. Could some be used more on their own? Could any be made into professional resources? Think about how you could use existing resources differently too. Could you leave some parts out, add to them or change them completely?

Week 3 – 3rd Quarter Daily Lesson Log |
February 12 – 16, 2024 DLLs

New! Kinder Daily Lesson Log – Quarter 3 Week 3

New! Grade 1 Daily Lesson Log – Quarter 3 Week 3

New! Grade 2 Daily Lesson Log – Quarter 3 Week 3

New! Grade 3 Daily Lesson Log – Quarter 3 Week 3

New! Grade 4 Daily Lesson Log – Quarter 3 Week 3

New! Grade 5 Daily Lesson Log – Quarter 3 Week 3

New! Grade 6 Daily Lesson Log – Quarter 3 Week 3

Grades 7 to 12 still processing.


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