Week 7 – 3rd Quarter DLL | December 9 – 13, 2019 Daily Lesson Log

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Featured article:

  • Lawmaker wants to reduce non-teaching load of teachers

    • A lawmaker at the House of Representatives is pushing for a bill that seeks to unburden public school teachers of non-teaching responsibilities to solve quality issues besetting basic education.In a statement on Friday, Biñan City Rep. Marlyn Alonte said House Bill 5562, or the “Bawas Non-Teaching Load Act”, provides that appropriate and qualified administrative personnel shall be responsible for the performance and discharge of non-classroom teaching functions and roles on campus so that teachers can better focus on classroom teaching.

      Alonte proposed it in the wake of the bottom-scraping results of Filipino students’ rankings in a global assessment of 79 countries.

      The results of Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2018 showed that the Philippines scored 353 in mathematics, 357 in science, and 340 in reading, all below the average of participating Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development countries.

      “Time has come for the beginning of the end of the administrative work overload of teachers, so they can focus on teaching, professional advancement, and work-life balance,” Alonte said.

      The bill proposes new and different sets of basic complements of administrative personnel under the principal/headteacher/teacher-in-charge. Manpower complements are configured according to student population: small school – under 1,000; medium-sized school – 1,000 to 2,000; large schools – 2,001 to 2,999; and mega schools – 3,000 and higher.

      Meanwhile, ACT-CIS Party-list Rep. Jocelyn Tulfo suggested tapping education bonds and foreign aid for funding of quality improvement programs.

      As for the reading challenges of students, Tulfo said a special Alternative Learning System (ALS) intervention curriculum, run by the Department of Education’s (DepEd) Education for Learners with Special Needs Office, could be utilized to help Grade 3 pupils with significant reading comprehension difficulties.

      “However long it takes for them to reach the reading standard of Grade 6 level, they stay in the ALS until they graduate,” Tulfo said.

      “For current students in Grades 4, 5 and 6 the same ALS curriculum for non-readers should be able to absorb those students and prevent the non-reading problem from spreading to high school,” she added.

      Tulfo said DepEd must hire more teachers with special training on students with reading challenges to implementing this intervention.

      “I believe there is no other way to go about this massive reading problem in our public elementary schools,” Tulfo said.


  • Make-up classes need parents’ permission: DepEd
    • The Department of Education (DepEd) in Iloilo on Tuesday said schools need the permission of parents before it undertakes make-up classes for students in a bid to catch up with their lessons.This, as Typhoon Tisoy (international name Kammuri) on Tuesday automatically suspended pre-school to senior high school classes in the 43 local government units in the province.

      The class suspension is based on Executive Order 66 stating that when typhoon Signal No. 2 is raised “classes at the pre-school, elementary, and secondary levels in the affected area shall be automatically canceled or suspended.”

      The typhoon hindered the regular class hours, thus schools are requested to conduct make-up classes, Dr. Roel Bermejo, DepEd-Iloilo schools division superintendent said in a phone interview.

      Bermejo said the local chief executives have the discretion to declare the suspension of classes.

      While schools in the 43 municipalities suspended classes on Tuesday, Bermejo said there were already some which earlier declared the class suspension on Monday.

      “This (class suspension) is for the safety of the children. There were also schools in the far-flung areas that suspend classes when there are risks of heavy rain, even without a typhoon signal and that is allowed,” he said, noting that children in far schools need to cross rivers to get to school.

      Allowing the schools with such suspension keeps the children away from danger, he said.

      “That is okay as long as those who suspend classes are requested to conduct make-up sessions to complete the required number of days based on the school calendar,” he said.

      In conducting the make-up sessions, schools are required to secure permission from the parents of the students.

      Make-up classes can be scheduled on a Saturday or for the teachers to extend at least an hour of their regular class hours to catch up with the lessons.

      “The make-up classes depend on the design of the schools. These are based on the Parent-Teacher Association approval,” Bermejo said.

      Meanwhile, schools being used as evacuation centers during disasters are an “automatic response” of the school heads. He said the schools could be used as a safe shelter for residents during weather disturbances.

      As of 2 p.m. on Tuesday, Bermejo said no school building in the province was utilized yet as an evacuation center.



week 7 dll 3rd quarter

Week 7 – 3rd Quarter DLL
December 9 – 13, 2019 Daily Lesson Log

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