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You can now download 1st Quarter Bulletin Board Display. As teachers, we always wanted to catch our students’ attention and reinforce their interests on new topics by presenting them catchy and interesting pictures in our bulletin board display. And  since all of us teachers have this common goal,  we can get a lot of ideas and inspiration just  from seeing the bulletin board displays of our dear teachers’ very own classrooms.

In this page, we have collected several 1st Quarter bulletin board display ideas which could really help us Teachers in devising and designing our own bulletin board displays. You can download these files for free via direct links to Google Drive and you can print them if you desire. We thank all of the Teachers who shared their ideas in Facebook. Please don’t forget to LIKE our page and SHARE these files as well.

Bulletin boards serve multiple purposes. They can convey a variety of information from meeting announcements and parent news to curriculum overviews and displays of student work. They can also make learning visible.

Why: Bulletin boards reflect a class or school’s identity. In and outside the classroom, bulletin boards that make learning visible show what we value, offer opportunities for reflection, help learners make connections within and across subject matter, and contribute to a shared and public body of knowledge. Bulletin boards can also foster a sense of belonging to a learning community.

What: Bulletin boards that make learning visible focus on what was learned as well as what was done. They reveal the learning process as well as product, and balance content learning with learning about learning. They often include what the adult learned as well as the students. Here are some questions to guide you when deciding what to include on your bulletin board.

• What is your goal in making the board and who is your audience?
• What kind of learning are you most excited about? What are your students excited about?
• What might you include that would promote additional learning?
• Is your commentary or interpretation supported by what you share on the board?

How: Bulletin boards span the range from simple to complex. If possible, try to find a colleague with whom to work. Make sure to put your name, the age or grade of the students, and date on the board (ideally in the same place on every board).
Questions to ask yourself:
• Does the board include students’ work, words, and photos?
• Does the board have a title (possibly phrased as a question or a quote from a child)?
• Does the board include a brief context?
• Have you highlighted or otherwise set apart the phrases you consider most important?

Who: Bulletin boards can have many audiences: students, teachers, parents, and the wider community.
Consider involving students in what goes on the board:
• Ask students what part of their learning they most want to share with the school community and what they most want to know from viewers. (Specific questions elicit the most useful feedback.)
• Include students’ reflections on their learning: what was hard, surprising, or exciting?
• Involve students in putting the board together and/or reflecting on it once it is done.

Where and When: Making learning visible in and outside the classroom are very different.
Bulletin boards can be created during or after a learning experience. Creating a board outside the classroom requires sufficient context for viewers to make sense of the contents of the board. But it also enables a dialogue and comparison of ideas, beliefs, and values about learning and teaching that too infrequently takes place in schools.

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