Diagnostic Tests (Pre-Tests) K-12 Curriculum | SY 2023 – 2024

Components of Assessment for Learning

Assessment for learning includes Diagnostic test and formative assessment:

Diagnostic test can include both classroom (educational) assessments and, where appropriate, professional assessments (i.e., speech and language, medical, and psychological assessments providing information and/or diagnosis of specific conditions that affect learning). diagnostic test are conducted before instruction begins and provide teachers with information about students’ readiness to learn, and about their interests and attitudes. This information establishes the starting point for new learning, and helps teachers and students set appropriate learning goals. It enables teachers to plan instruction and assessments that are differentiated and personalized to meet students’ learning strengths, needs, interests, and learning preferences.

Diagnostic test helps identify what the student brings to his or her learning, in general or with respect to a specific subject. Information can be gathered from various sources – from the student, the student’s previous teachers, and the student’s parents, as well as from formal sources. The information gathered provides a baseline that informs further assessment, the results of which can be used in developing a student profile and/or a class profile.

Formative assessment is conducted frequently and in an ongoing manner during learning and is intended to give teachers and students precise and timely information so that instruction can be adjusted in response to individual students’ strengths and needs, and students can adjust their learning strategies or set different goals. This use of assessment differs from assessment of learning in that the information gathered is used for the specific purpose of helping students improve while they are still gaining knowledge and practicing skills. When assessment is viewed as integral to learning, students are engaged as collaborative partners in the learning process.

Formative assessment is used to provide benchmarks to confirm the suitability of instructional strategies and specific interventions for individual students as well as groups of students.

The reliability of assessment for learning depends on:

  • the identification, clarification, and sharing of learning goals in student-friendly language;
  • the student’s understanding of the success criteria of these goals in specific terms – what successful attainment of the learning goals looks like;
  • descriptive feedback that helps students consolidate new learning by providing information about what is being done well, what needs improvement, and how to take steps towards improvement; and
  • self-assessment that motivates students to work more carefully and recognize their own learning needs, so that they can become effective advocates for how they learn best.

Assessment for learning involves collaboration among teachers, parents, and students, and enables students to experience the successes that come with timely intervention and with instructional approaches and resources that are suited to the ways they learn best. Both factors help build students’ confidence and provide them with the incentive and encouragement they need to become interested in and focused on their own learning.

Pre-Tests for sy 2023 - 2024

Diagnostic Test ( Pre-Test )  K-12 Curriculum

Diagnostic Test for GRADE 1 

Diagnostic Test for  GRADE 2 

Diagnostic Test for  GRADE 3  

Diagnostic Test for  GRADE 4  

Diagnostic Test for  GRADE 5 

Diagnostic Test for  GRADE 6  

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