Grade 2 – Quarter 4 Learner’s Materials | DepEd Learning Materials

In addition to being routinely updated to keep up with changing local, national, regional, and worldwide settings, high-quality learning materials should be devoid of divisive preconceptions and biases. In this post, you can find the compiled Grade 2 – Quarter 4 Learner’s Materials | DepEd Learning Materials.

While learning materials must evolve to cater to the various needs of all students in a broad spectrum of cultural contexts, economic conditions, and educational settings, as well as to individual circumstances. The substance of their work must also reflect this variety. Nevertheless, some textbooks continue to give simplistic and stereotypical meanings of gender as well as minorities in racial, ethnic, religious, and linguistic groups. People with disabilities continue to be invisible and disadvantaged because they are underrepresented in textbooks all around the globe.

In especially for students with poor achievement, resources should be made accessible in a language that learners can understand. The unique requirements of students with disabilities should be met by the instructional materials. Textbooks must address these specific contextual issues during crises and emergencies as part of combined, problem-sensitive educational material and preparation strategies.

A learning materials policy may assist in coordinating the curriculum, textbooks, and assessment methods that make up the “quality” of education with the actual learning taking place in the classroom. A learning materials policy may also help with budget allocation for physical and digital resources and guarantee that the curriculum, teaching methods, and learning goals are all consistent. The policy has to specify who is responsible for what in the process and who is not.

Training in content authoring and evaluation, as well as teacher training to develop and use textbooks and supplemental learning materials, are all examples of capacity building activities. Other activities include supporting national and local publishing industries in their efforts to provide accessible textbooks and reading materials. Investment in a digitized learning materials management system that is used throughout the country may provide information, system control, and precise cost estimates. Demand-based school selection, which is decentralized, enables schools to effectively choose and purchase instructional resources while guaranteeing ownership of the materials chosen. Achieving maximum cost amortization and minimizing distribution expenses may be accomplished by making investments in storage solutions for schools and classrooms, straightforward administration and use systems, and materials with high manufacturing criteria.

Grade 2 – Quarter 4 Learner’s Materials | DepEd Learning Materials

ARALING PANLIPUNAN 2 Learners Materials 

ARTS 2 Learners Materials


ENGLISH 2 Learners Materials

FILIPINO 2 Learners Materials 

MATHEMATICS 2 Learners Materials

MTB 2 Learners Materials

MUSIC 2 Learners Materials

PHYSICAL EDUCATION 2 Learners Materials 


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