Grade 3 – 2nd Periodical Tests – All Subjects + TOS | SY 2023-2024

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Student Assessment

Students’ ownership of their own learning can be increased and the power of evaluation can be distributed by involving them in conversations about learning standards and self-reflection on their own work. As a result, this fosters a more cooperative relationship between the teacher and the students. The teacher retains ownership of the responsibility that they have been given, which leads to less mistrust and a clearer understanding that the learning requirements are not arbitrary or capricious. Instead of just being concerned with their performance score, students who take part in self-assessment develop a greater interest in the evaluation criteria and detailed comments on their work.

Students needed to be more fair to their classmates and honest about their own efforts. As a result, they had to be ready to support their claims about their observations and judgments with data. Students can be held to higher standards when they participate in the analysis of their own work because it increases their sense of ownership over the evaluation process and ensures that the criteria are current, acceptable, and clear.

Although claims about the anticipated advantages of explicit criteria and self-assessment are logically supported by the research literature on motivation and the development of metacognitive and cognitive skills, there are relatively few studies that specifically look at how these practices affect student learning outcomes.

When assignments are presented orally in class during the reflection assessment period, students have use criteria to provide comments to classmates. Students who take part in reflective evaluation generate projects that were significantly higher rated by their teachers than those who did not, who had students evaluate the curriculum rather than their own development, rather than the curriculum. It’s significant to note that low-achieving kids benefit the most from these advances. There was no distinction between high achievers in reflective assessment classrooms and control classrooms on test of conceptual knowledge in science that was less directly related to the inquiry criteria, but low achievers demonstrated dramatically improved conceptual knowledge as a result of introspective self-assessment.

Grade 3 – 2nd Periodical Tests – All Subjects + TOS |
SY 2023-2024


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