Grade 4 – 2nd Periodical Tests – All Subjects + TOS | SY 2023-2024

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Assessment of Prior Knowledge

In line with the idea that prior knowledge and cultural perspectives shape new learning, classroom procedures should involve evaluation of students’ pertinent prior knowledge and experience, both to inform teaching and to encourage students to develop the habit of reflecting on their own knowledge assets.

There are a lot of studies that show how prior information affects new learning, but sadly, many of them use fabricated instances outside of the classroom. The majority of research merely show that people with more knowledge at the beginning had more knowledge at the conclusion. Less research has been done to show how background knowledge can be elicited to adjust, focus, or connect training.

In one study, for instance, students were urged to share personal experiences that related to the tales they were studying in class. It has been shown by researchers that students’ instinctive and frequently naive perceptions about scientific phenomena might prevent the growth of scientific understanding.

When studying history, for instance, pupils could hold quite fantastical notions about historical occurrences or assume that present-day culture is a timeless extension of the past. Although earlier perceptual studies attempted confrontation as a strategy for dispelling students’ preconceptions, current approaches are more participatory, offering students a variety of supports, including inquests and listening ideas from other students, to help them reformulate their ideas.

Many teachers use the conventional pretest-posttest approach to track the development of their students. Precautions are frequently formal and may not closely resemble teaching aids. Pretest scores are often not used to get insight into the nature of students’ comprehension but are instead used to determine each student’s accomplishment level or placement. For instance, it is unknown what incomplete information or competing conceptions are at play when a problem is missed. Many educators, particularly those who teach reading and language arts, use prior knowledge awakening strategies into their lessons without necessarily paying attention to the results of the assessments.

Then students attempt to predict what they hope to gain from the text or exercise, and ultimately they review what they have learned. Students begin by brainstorming what they already know about a new topic. Better previous knowledge tests might be developed using the same principles as the outcome assessment content improvements.

It is debatable whether prior knowledge assessment should continue to be done as a separate pretest step or whether it should be incorporated into formwork and continuing checks for comprehension as classroom discussion patterns are changed to encourage students to make connections and reflect on their own understandings. But in order to influence the culture of the classroom, prior knowledge engagement strategies need to be identified and recognized as evaluations.

Grade 4 – 2nd Periodical Tests – All Subjects + TOS |
SY 2023-2024


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