Grade 3 Daily Lesson Log – 2nd Quarter DLL SY 2023-2024

To assist teachers in lesson planning and help them make better use of their time and energy, here are the links for the LATEST Grade 3 Daily Lesson Log – 2nd Quarter DLL SY 2023-2024. More ready-made K to 12 Daily lesson logs are regularly uploaded weekly.

Levels of learning and lesson planning

How the brain functions is still not fully understood by science. The best way to describe memory as we currently understand it is in terms of short-term and long-term memory.

1.Motivation. For instance, you may notice signs on the roadside as you are traveling. Most of them you glance at quickly, and if the information doesn’t pertain to you, it just vanishes after a little moment.

We are only able to deal with one piece of data at a time, despite the fact that there are many things in the surroundings to learn about. You’ve probably observed that it’s impossible to read while hearing someone speak. If you try, you’ll probably only be able to recall a portion of what you learned and a portion of what you heard, not enough of either to fully comprehend. We naturally forget some of the information we are subjected to. We only retain information that captures our attention. Our receivers, such as our eyes, ears, noses, hands, and skin, contain a very small amount of memory. If you don’t do anything to transfer the information to the following part, the short-term memory, it will only last for one to two seconds.

2. Guidance. Writing or word processing is an example of using the knowledge right away and then forgetting about it. You read a sentence or a few words from your writing before typing it. After your fingers have finished writing the words, you are usually ready to type the following few words or sentence. After that, you will deliberately try to store it in your long-term memory. It takes two things to commit information to long-term memory:

  • Making a connection between the new information and what you already know.
  • repeatedly using the information to perform something

Your selected learning style will determine how you will use the new information. If you put anything in writing and read it multiple times, you may find you are able to recall it. If you want to recall anything, you might choose to talk regarding it or repeat it loudly numerous times. You might also need to physically perform the action several times.

3. Practice. Both practicing and making a connection to prior knowledge are crucial for retaining material in long-term memory.

Grade 3 Daily Lesson Log – 2nd Quarter DLL
SY 2023-2024

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