Week 4 – 4th Quarter Daily Lesson Log | May 22 – 26, 2023 DLLs

Welcome! So that teachers may provide students structured guidance to support successful teaching and fulfilling learning experiences, we have ready-made weekly K–12 Daily Lesson Logs that are in line with the most recent Curriculum Guide for each grade level accessible for download. The download links for Week 4 – 4th Quarter Daily Lesson Log | May 22 – 26, 2023 DLLs can be seen below.

Lesson Planning

The actions that must be done throughout the teaching and learning process in order to achieve particular skills are outlined in a lesson plan, which acts as a brief guide for teachers and students. The following components make up a successful lesson plan that helps in the teaching and learning process:

a. Identification of the lesson: This contains information about the school, the class, the quarter, the program/skills, the particular lesson or subject, and the number of sessions devoted to the lesson.

b. Competency Standards: These standards specify the minimal level of competency that each student must have by the conclusion of each class or quarter in terms of knowledge, attitude, and skills. Setting up competence indicators is based on developing fundamental competencies.

c. Competency Indicators: These are perceptible actions or performances that show the mastery of particular fundamental competencies. They may be tested and evaluated using cognitive, psychomotor, and emotional assessment techniques.

d. Learning Objectives: These goals outline what students should learn as well as the goods they should generate as a result of their efforts. These goals are in accordance with the listed fundamental capabilities.

e. Study Materials: In accordance with the competency indicators, pertinent theories, facts, concepts, and processes connected to the lesson are provided in a condensed version. The learning that takes place in the classroom is supported by these materials.

f. Time Allocation: The amount of time allotted for teaching and learning activities is decided by the amount of learning that must be done in order to obtain the fundamental skills.

g. Teaching Techniques: Teachers use certain techniques to provide a supportive learning environment that aids in the development of fundamental skills and the attainment of the designated indicators. The selection of teaching strategies is made in accordance with the needs of each competency indicator and the characteristics of the learners.

h. Teaching Activities: There are three stages to the teaching activities. In order to promote active involvement, pre-teaching begins by motivating and attracting students’ attention. Second, while-teaching entails a methodical process of inquiry, elaboration, and confirmation in which students actively gather knowledge, exercise analytical and critical thinking, and work together on assignments or projects. Last but not least, post-teaching tasks include summarizing the session, assessing the students, having them reflect, giving them feedback, and supporting them thereafter.

i. Assessment: Based on competency indicators and defined assessment standards, assessments are done to determine how well pupils have learned. To evaluate how well pupils have performed on the chosen indicators, rubrics are used.

j. Resources. The tools and material used in the teaching and learning process are referred to as resources. The internet, computers, projectors, and other pertinent tools and resources are some examples of this. Based on the competence standards, fundamental competencies, study guides, exercises, and competency indicators, resources are chosen. Creating efficient and interesting teaching and learning environments is the goal.

By incorporating these elements into a lesson plan, teachers can provide structured guidance to facilitate effective teaching and meaningful learning experiences for students.

Week 4 – 4th Quarter Daily Lesson Log |
May 22 – 26, 2023 DLLs

New! Kinder Daily Lesson Log – Quarter 4

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New! Grade 4 Daily Lesson Log – Quarter 4

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Grades 7 to 12 still processing.


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