Week 5 – 2nd Quarter Daily Lesson Log | December 4 – 8, 2023 DLLs

Greetings and welcome! To support teachers in lesson planning and aligning teaching strategies that foster not only knowledge acquisition but also the development of critical skills and attitudes essential for success in various aspects of life, we are pleased to offer our ready-made Week 5 – 2nd Quarter Daily Lesson Log | December 4 – 8, 2023 DLLs that adhere with the latest Curriculum Guide for every grade level. Below, you’ll find the links to access the weekly K–12 Daily Lesson Logs for download.

Cognition and Lesson Planning

Teaching is not just about how students learn but also about what they learn. To truly grasp this, we must delve into the concept of cognition and exploring its various components. Cognition is a complex term, deeply rooted in philosophy, epistemology and psychology. As educators, we need a simple yet comprehensive model of cognition to guide our teaching efforts.

Cognition is said to have four key components: declarative knowledge, procedural knowledge, outlooks, and mental events. This breakdown aims to create a model that is easy to understand, remember and communicate while also offering a multi-faceted approach to help teachers plan their lessons effectively. By understanding and incorporating these components into teaching strategies, teachers can create a more holistic and effective learning experience for their students.

Declarative Knowledge

Declarative knowledge encompasses facts, data and information all of which is what most people think of when they hear the word knowledge. This includes both empirical knowledge (observable facts) and conceptual knowledge (knowledge of ideas). It’s crucial to distinguish between extensive knowledge (knowing a little about a lot) and intensive knowledge (knowing a lot about a little) to ensure a deep understanding.

Procedural Knowledge

Procedural knowledge focuses on skills, techniques and methods. It goes beyond mere facts, aiming to equip students with the ability to say, “I know how to…” or “I can…” This includes skills (precision or certainty in accomplishing something), techniques (manner of execution) and methods (a defined and regular plan). Recognizing the differences between these components is essential for effective teaching.


Outlooks involve attitudes, dispositions and orientations. Attitudes reflect settled behavior and opinions, dispositions indicate natural tendencies and orientations determine one’s stance. While these components may be more stable, they play a crucial role in shaping what students pay attention to, focus on and value. Teachers must not overlook the impact of outlooks on the acquisition of knowledge and be aware that changing them can be challenging yet essential.

Mental Events

Judgments and decisions are considered mental events in the cognitive process. Despite students acquiring declarative and procedural knowledge, making sound judgments and decisions requires practical application. This application is not always straightforward and may necessitate practice and experience. Planning should include strategies to help students develop the ability to make informed decisions based on incomplete or uncertain information.

deped dll q2 w5

Week 5 – 2nd Quarter Daily Lesson Log |
December 4 – 8, 2023 DLLs

New! Kinder Daily Lesson Log – Quarter 2 – Week 5

New! Grade 1 Daily Lesson Log – Quarter 2 – Week 5

New! Grade 2 Daily Lesson Log – Quarter 2 – Week 5

New! Grade 3 Daily Lesson Log – Quarter 2 – Week 5

New! Grade 4 Daily Lesson Log – Quarter 2 – Week 5

New! Grade 5 Daily Lesson Log – Quarter 2 – Week 5

New! Grade 6 Daily Lesson Log – Quarter 2 – Week 5

Grades 7 to 12 still processing.


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