Week 5 – 4th Quarter Daily Lesson Log DLL Update | February 11 – 15, 2019

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 (Enclosure No. 1 to DepEd Order No. 57, s. 2011)

A. Vision, Mission and Objectives


The SSES envisions developing Filipino children who are equipped with scientific and technological knowledge, skills and attitudes; creative and have positive values; and lifelong learning skills to become productive partners in the development of the community and society.

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SSES provides a learning environment to the gifted and talented through a special Mathematics and Science curricula which recognize multiple intelligences geared towards the development of God-loving, globally competitive, nationalistic, creative, ecologically aware, scientifically and technologically oriented and skilled individuals who are empowered through lifelong learning skills.



The Special Science Elementary School Project has the following objectives:

  • Provide an enriched curriculum for Mathematics and Science
  • Provide the gifted and talented learners with venues, opportunities and exposures for developing necessary skills and aptitudes;
  • Capacitate school heads and teachers in implementing and managing a SSES school
  • Develop SSES program models for both the regular and SPED schools


1. Components of the SSES Project

1.1The SSES Learners

The SSES learners are those enrolled in SPED Centers classified as Gifted and Talented and regular schools who passed the SSES screening procedures. These are the children who are equipped with scientific and technological knowledge, skills and attitudes; creative and have positive values; and lifelong learning skills to become productive partners in the development of the community and society (See Attached List of Traits).

1.2 The Teacher

  • The SSES teacher should:
    • possess positive work ethics, creative and innovative, willing to work with highly motivated learners, welcomes challenges, and committed to upholding the SSES mission, vision and goals
    • have specialization in either Science and Math and/or relevant training
    • have experience in teaching corresponding subject for at least three years
    • be scientifically and technologically-oriented and proficient
    • have experience in conducting and participating in research
    • have clear professional and personal development plan as reflected in his/her Individual Plan for Professional Development (IPPD) formulated annually
    • work for maximum implementation of his/her IPP
    • serve the program for at least four (4) years,
    • not transfer from the program within any school year

1.3 The School Head

  • The school head shall have the overall responsibility for the administrative management and instructional leadership of the SSES project in the school. His/her responsibilities include:
    • Facilitate the organization of SSES classes;
    • Facilitate the conduct of the School-Based Diagnostic Test (NSBA) and Interview;
    • Organize a School Assessment Team ( Compose of at least 5 teachers) who will administer the School-Based Diagnostic test, battery of Mental Ability Tests and conduct interviews;
    • Determine facilities and equipment for effective SSES program implementation and make recommendation and/or take necessary steps for their procurement;
    • Lead teachers in evaluating textbooks and other IMs including multi-media materials for use of SSES;
    • Use fund support for SSES judiciously;
    • Monitor and provide guidance to SSES teachers in formulating their Individual Program for Professional Development (IPPD);
    • In case of movement to other school or retirement, he/she should orient the incoming school head to ensure continuous implementation of the project; and
    • Maintain active partnership with GOPs and NGOs for the continuous implementation of the project.


1.4 The School and Its Physical Facilities and Equipment

  • A SS implementing school is a Regular school or SPED Center with programs for the Gifted and Talented and should:
    • be appropriately-equipped for the implementation of the SSES curriculum, and shall have the following facilities and resources:
    • Laboratory room
    • Science apparatuses and equipment
    • ICT-based learning resources
    • Science, English and Math textbooks and supplementary materials
  • provide academic and co-curricular opportunities for the optimum development of the SSES
  • learners (e.g. campus journalism, science camps, investigatory projects, Math competitions)
  • guarantee safe and protective environment for the SSES learners; and
  •   maintain network with science -oriented schools, locally and in ASEAN regions.


1.5 Duties and Responsibilities of the Different Levels of DepEd in the Implementation of the SSES Project

  • The functions/roles of the different levels of DepEd are defined below:

Central Office

  • The Central office through the Bureau of Elementary Education shall:
    • Conduct orientation to ROs and DOs on the SSES project
    • Provide policies and guidelines on the SSES project implementation and fund utilization
    • Conduct monitoring and progress review meeting on the project implementation;
    • Provide logistics and technical support including financial assistance and training programs; and


Regional Offices

  • The Elementary Education Division (EED) of the Region shall assist schools in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the project.
  • The Regional Science and SPED Supervisor / Coordinator shall be designated as focal persons for the project and shall perform duties assigned by EED chief on matters related to the SSES implementation.


Division Offices

  • The division shall have the overall responsibility for the planning and implementation of the SSES project in the division and shall be assisted preferably by the Division Science and SPED Supervisors/Coordinators whose responsibility to the program shall include the following:
    • Reflect the project into the Division Education Development Program (DEDP);
    • Provide assistance to schools in the acquisition/construction of physical facilities and learning resources; e.g curriculum support materials
    • Provide assistance to school heads and teachers through the conduct of INSET, seminars and workshops;
    • Monitor quarterly the program, prepare and submit report to RO and BEE;
    • Assist the schools in the preparation of interview checklist for use in screening applicants;

2. Screening, Identification and Placement Guidelines

2.1 Classes for the Gifted and Talented in SPED Centers

  • Screening shall be done using the existing selection process implemented by SPED Centers.
  1. Selection shall be done using the following tools
  • Teacher observation/nomination and referral
  • Formal testing/Psycho-educational assessment
  • Parent observation/nomination
  • Self nomination
  • Product/outputs
  • Interviews
  • Non-intellective tests
  • School-Based Diagnostic Test
  • Graduates of Headstart classes are automatically qualified to the GT/Grade 1
  • A total of thirty pupils per grade level shall be organized.

Source: Department of Education


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Week 5 – 4th Quarter Daily Lesson Log DLL Update
February 11 – 15, 2019


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