Week 7 – 2nd Quarter Daily Lesson Log | January 4 – 6, 2023 DLLs

Welcome! To help teachers know the right materials to employ in order to best fulfill the needs of the students, we have ready-made weekly K–12 Daily Lesson Logs that are in line with the most recent Curriculum Guide for each grade level accessible for download. The download links for Week 7 – 2nd Quarter Daily Lesson Log | January 4 – 6, 2023 DLLs can be seen below.

Importance of Lesson Planning for Teachers and Students

One of the hardest tasks teachers must complete when asked to create a lesson plan is creating the lesson plan itself. There are now available strategies and recommendations that can, at least in part, assist such inexperienced educators while reactivating or enhancing the abilities of experienced educators. The material in these solutions regarding lesson planning is both theoretical and practical for teachers and students. They provide a succinct definition of the lesson plan, discuss its significance, and list the necessary components.

What is a lesson plan?

A lesson plan is a schedule that instructs teachers on what to do with a certain set of students at a certain time for a certain subject. Lesson plans are also described as “the road map or framework used to plan and conduct every class from first meeting to final exam. Additionally, lesson plans ensure you have created a logical, systematic learning process crucial to ensuring your students achieve the most learning in the least amount of time. Thus, a lesson plan assists a teacher in seamlessly transitioning from one step to the next and maintains student focus and motivation to concentrate on the lesson’s steps.

Why do lesson plans exist?

Making lesson plans organizes classroom time and enables teachers to deliver their lectures effectively within the allotted time. Effective lesson planning maximizes the utilization of classroom time. Lessons that are well-planned and in which no time is wasted are well-received by the students, making the teacher’s job easier.

The importance of lesson planning can be summed up as follows:

  1. aids teachers in considering the objectives of the class for the students.
  2. gives a framework for arranging concepts, approaches, materials, etc.
  3. aids teachers in planning their routes and knowing their targets.
  4. makes the lesson more comprehensible.
  5. prevents the overuse of course books.
  6. shows students that the teacher is proficient in what they are doing.
  7. Having a plan increases teacher confidence.
  8. aids in identifying any issues or challenges that might develop during the class.
  9. aids in teachers’ ability to adjust to various classes.
  10. A learning document for teachers to consider after the lesson is developed.
  11. aids in determining the types of activities and materials to use in order to accomplish goals.
  12. A lesson’s goals for the curriculum might be explicitly linked in a plan.

Teachers should do the following before preparing each daily lesson:

  1. Read the lesson notes and the instructional materials
  2. Think over the outlined learning objectives and assess whether the suggested approach will help you reach your goals. Adjust the process as necessary to meet the unique needs of your students.
  3. Consider any issues your students could have, and choose the most effective presentation method to address them. Prepare additional pertinent questions and include them in your plan if the method advises asking inquiries and provides one or two examples.
  4. Calculate how long you think each phase of your lecture will take. Prepare assignments right away if you plan to assign it.
  5. Make sure there is enough time in your strategy for student interaction.
  6. Ensure that the class includes a variety of activities. A lesson’s general structure should be as follows:
    • A. short introduction led by the teacher
    • B. student initiatives
    • C. brief teacher-led summary

Week 7 – 2nd Quarter Daily Lesson Log | January 4 – 6, 2023 DLLs

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Grades 7 to 12 still processing.


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