Week 9 – 1st Quarter Daily Lesson Log DLL | July 29 – August 2, 2019

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DepEd ORDER No. 18, s. 2019


To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau and Service Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Division Superintendents
Public Elementary School Heads
All Others Concerned

1. The Department of Education (DepEd), through the Bureau of Learner Support Services-School Health Division (BLSS-SHD), issues the enclosed Supplemental Guidelines on the Implementation of the School-Based Feeding Program (SBFP) for Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 to contribute to the improvement of classroom attendance and school performance of target beneficiaries to more than 85% per annum, and encourage learners to go to school every day.

2. For FY 2019, SBFP covers all undernourished Kindergarten to Grade 6 learners. It shall provide feeding to learners for at least 120 feeding days and improve the children’s health and nutrition values and behavior.

3. DepEd Order No. 39, s. 2017 entitled Operational Guidelines on the Implementation of School-Based Feeding Program for School Years 2017-2022 shall be used as reference in the implementation of the program.

4. This policy shall take effect upon its approval.

5. For more information, please contact the Bureau of Learner Support Services-School Health Division (BLSS-SHD), 3rd Floor, Mabini Building, Department of Education Central Office, DepEd Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City through email at blss.shd@deped.gov.ph or at telephone no. (02) 632-9935.

6. Immediate dissemination of and strict compliance with this Order is directed.


(Enclosure to DepEd Order No.,. 18 s. 2019


I. Rationale

The Department of Education through the Bureau of Learners Support Services – School Health Division (BLSS-SHD) continue to implement the School-Based Feeding Program (SBFP) nationwide in accordance with the General Appropriations Act (GAA) for the FY 2019 and Republic Act No. 11037 “Masustansyang Pagkain para sa Batang Pilipino Act”.

II. Scope

The SBFP covers all undernourished learners severely wasted/wasted from Kinder to Grade 6 in all public elementary schools. The budget allocation for feeding per region/division for FY 2019 is attached to this Order.

III. Definition of Terms

Augmentation – The act of the constitutional officers authorized to use savings in their respective appropriations to cover a deficiency in any existing item of appropriation within their respective offices (DBM-NBC No.577 FY2019)

Last Mile Schools – Schools that are located in Geographically Isolated and Disadvantage Areas (GIDA), with the following indicators: less than four classrooms, with makeshift or nonstandard rooms, no electricity, no new construction projects in the last four years, with travel distance of more than one hour from the town center or difficulty in terrain, having multigrade classes/rooms, with less than five teachers, having a student population of less than 100 learners and with more than 75%
ndigenous People learners (DM No. 59 s. 2019)
Savings – The portion or balance of any released appropriations which has not been obligated as a result of completion, final discontinuance, or abandonment of a P/A/P for which the appropriation is authorized. However, in the case of final discontinuance or abandonment, such discontinued or abandoned P/A/P cannot be proposed for funding in the next two (2) years, i.e., 2020 and 2021. Implementation of measures resulting in improved systems and efficiencies and, thus, enabled an agency to meet and deliver the required or planned targets, programs and services approved in the appropriation within their respective offices (DBM-NBC No.577 FY2019).

Severely Wasted (SW) – A very thin child whose Body Mass Index (BMI) for age is below -3 z-score line based on World Health Organization- Child Growth Standards (WHO-CGS).

Stunting – The children whose BMI is < -2 to -3 (moderate stunting) or < -3 (severe stunting) from the median.

Wasted (W) – A thin child whose BMI-for-age falls between -2 to -3 z-score line based on WHO-CGS.

IV. Policy Statement

The supplemental guidelines for FY 2019 and fund allocations per region/division is being issued to guide the schools in implementing the program this SY 2019-2020 and for the prompt release of funds to start the feeding activity by July.

The program primarily aims to contribute to the improvement of classroom attendance of target beneficiaries to more than 85% per annum, and encourage learners to go to school every day.

The program also aims to do the following:

A. Provide feeding to learners, prioritizing the Severely Wasted and Wasted;
B. Improve the nutritional status of the beneficiaries at the end of at least 120 feeding days;
C. Ensure 100% deworming of target beneficiaries prior to the feeding activity;
D. Conduct group daily hand washing and tooth brushing activities as stipulated in DepEd Order No. 10, s. 2016, to impart development of positive health-promoting values and behaviors;
E. Promote health and nutrition information and awareness among target beneficiaries through the K to 12 Curriculum and its alternative modalities of education; and
F. Encourage Gulayan sa Paaralan Program and backyard vegetable gardening to augment the feeding program and to complement the nutrition and poverty- reduction initiatives of the Government.

V. Procedure and Fund Availment/Release

A. The FY 2019 General Appropriations Act (GAA) itemizes the allocation to be received by each Regional Office (RO) from the SBFP Fund. Per National Budget Circular (NBC) No. 577 (Guidelines on the Release of FY 2019 Funds), funds specifically appropriated to ROs or OUs of agencies shall be released directly to these ROs and OUs.

The Department of Education’s Special Provision No. 20 (School Based Feeding Program) of the General Appropriations Act (GAA) of FY 2019 states that:

In the implementation of the School-Based Feeding Program (SBFP), ingredients for the provision of food commodities shall be sourced locally. Public schools, whenever applicable, shall endeavor to procure these ingredients from any of the following local sources:
1. The school’s vegetable garden established under the Gulayan sa Paaralan Program (GPP);
2. Home and communal gardens established by the families of SBFP beneficiaries; and
3. Local farmers especially those identified by the DSWD to be living in poverty under the National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction (NHTS-PR).

The School Head shall lead the activities that promote the cultivation of vegetables in the school garden and community for the consumption of healthy foods. The Schools Division Office (SDO) shall plan and monitor the promotion and initiatives of the schools in conducting vegetable planting and the utilization for feeding the learners. The RO shall monitor the activities of the SDOs quarterly to ensure compliance to the provisions of the GAA.

The BLSS-SHD is expected to monitor the ROs and provide technical assistance in accordance to the provisions of the GAA.

B. The DepEd Regional Office (DepEd RO) shall release funds to SDOs in tranches; the 1st tranche (50% of the allocation per SDO) shall be downloaded immediately to start the preparatory activities and start the feeding by June or July. The 2nd tranche (50%) shall be downloaded to the SDOs not later than October based on the actual beneficiaries from the Baseline Nutritional Status report of the current school year, to ensure continuity of feeding. (Total GAA allocation = 1st tranche + the 2nd tranche).

C. The SDOs may explore granting cash advance for the program to other DepEd personnel such as Public Schools District Supervisors, Nurses, and School Feeding Coordinators in order to facilitate implementation subject to the Public Bonding Law and other pertinent rules and regulations on the release and use of cash advance.

D. Feeding shall commence as soon as preparatory activities have been conducted and funds are received by the schools to complete the feeding cycle at the end of December 2019. Feeding activities shall start not later than 31 July 2019. Funds for the fiscal year shall be utilized within the year.

E. The RO/SDO shall report to DepEd Central Office the excess funds not later than October 15 of the current fiscal year in order to monitor, allocate and utilize the funds to the fullest.

VI. Utilization of Available Balance from Program Funds

The remaining balance from Program Funds after implementation of the full cycle of the feeding program shall be used for the following purposes:

A. The RO/SDO shall augment the feeding funds for additional beneficiaries (i.e. stunted learners, pupils at risk of dropping out), conduct feeding for all grade levels in all remote or far flung schools, mountainous schools, and schools in hard to reach areas and IP communities/last mile schools.

B. Other remaining funds may also be used for SBFP-related activities such as orientation activities for field implementers, monitoring SBFP, GPP and other health and nutrition implementations of the programs/projects; purchase of folic, weighing scale, microtoise, multivitamins/micronutrient supplements/iron medical and dental supplies, funds/augmentation for hygiene kit. Other remaining funds may also augment the development/refurbishment of central kitchen.

C. The use of remaining balance of funds shall be included in the Revised Work and Financial Plan (WFP) to be approved by the Regional Director (RD)/Schools Division Superintendent (SDS). Likewise, all regions shall submit a status report to the DepEd Central Office not later than October 15 of the current year. The use of SBFP remaining funds shall be in accordance with the provisions of Republic Act (RA) No. 9184, DepEd Order No. 39 s. 2017 and DepEd Order No. 15 s. 2018, and existing budgeting, accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

VII. Monitoring and Evaluation:

A. All offices/implementing units shall comply with the policy on monitoring and evaluation and reporting requirements stipulated in DO No. 39 s. 2017, and submission of Budget and Financial Accountability Reports as prescribed in COA- DBM Joint Circular No. 2014-1 and DBM Circular Letter No. 2016-1.
B. Compliance to the new Program Management Information System (PMIS) is required. Offices/implementing units shall use the tool to report the progress and implementation of the program. Other concerns not covered in the issued memorandum and guidelines shall be referred to Central Office Finance Service – Budget Division at (02) 637-6203 and/or Central Office Planning Service – Planning and Programming Division at (02) 633-7216. Other concerns regarding the PMIS shall be referred to the Planning Service (PPD-PS) at the DepEd Central Office through telephone number (02) 633-7216 or email address po.ppd@deped.gov.ph.

VIII. Effectivity:

This Order shall take effect immediately upon issuance.




(Continue reading or Download Full DepEd order HERE)





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Week 9 – 1st Quarter Daily Lesson Log DLL
July 29 – August 2, 2019

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