GRADE 9 – 1st Periodical Tests – All Subjects with TOS

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Learning theory and classroom assessment

It is crucial to understand how a reconceptualization of assessment results from changes in learning theory and from concurrent changes in epistemology and what it means to know in the disciplines in order to develop a model of classroom assessment that supports teaching and learning from a constructivist perspective.

The constructivist view holds that learning takes place through an active process of sense-making rather than being passively received or mechanically reinforced. Some of the tenets of the new paradigm are exact opposites of those of the previous one.

Because the new paradigm has not yet been fully developed intellectually and most definitely not embraced in practice, it is referred to as emergent. While cognitivists and constructivists have certain common understandings about how applying learning principles should result in curriculum and instruction reform, there are also opposing interpretations of similar theories and concepts.

The most significant aspect of this new paradigm is that it combines these two perspectives to explain cognitive development in terms of social experience. Although some of these ideas are obviously derived from the cognitive tradition, emphasizing primarily what occurs in the mind, and others focus on social interactions and cultural meanings in the tradition of anthropology. The underlying idea that all human knowledge is built gives the constructivist paradigm its name.

This assertion is true for both the creation of general knowledge and modes of inquiry within the disciplines as well as the growth of cognitive structures inside the minds of individual students. As opposed to merely uncovering natural rules, scientists construct their hypotheses and understandings. In a similar vein, instead of just absorbing previous knowledge frameworks, people construct their own interpretations, systems of information organization, and solutions to issues. Learning cannot be understood separately from its social context and substance, even while the individual must put in some private effort to assimilate what is endorsed and practiced in the social plane.

GRADE 9 – 1st Periodical Tests with TOS


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