3rd Periodical Tests – All Subjects with TOS | Date: March 25 – 26, 2024

Welcome! To help teachers oversee students’ development by continually assessing their performance, detecting patterns, evaluating the effectiveness of instructional methods and promptly intervening if students lag behind, we have ready-made MELC-Based 3rd Periodical Tests that are in line with the most recent Curriculum Guide for each grade level accessible for download. The download links for the 3rd Periodical Tests – All Subjects with TOS | Date: March 25 – 26, 2024 can be seen below.

Classroom Assessment

To make the most of the learning opportunity, to understand a student’s thinking, and to determine what kinds of support are necessary to move forward, teachers may offer assistance while assessing in the classroom. The necessity for external assessments to be uniform and generalizable across locations still exists despite the fact that more interpretive types of assessment are offered as a substitute for standardized methods.

Systematic assessment could be used in the classroom and for external purposes. It is necessary to standardize scoring and implement external controls, known as moderation, when using pedagogically based assessments for transparency reasons to ensure that the data gathered from various classes is similar.

Cost restrictions or, more likely, local curriculum control prevent the development of a single unified system. Even though they follow different procedures, large-scale exams should be substantively compatible with excellent classroom tests. In other words, they should be evaluated using the same standards for evaluating high-quality work, be directed by the same curriculum standards, and include students in the same sorts of inquiry and competency demonstrations.

DepEd 3rd Quarter Examination Schedule |
DepEd 3rd Periodical Tests Schedule

March 25 – 26, 2024
(Monday – Tuesday)

It is crucial that external exams represent more ambitious concepts of subject matter proficiency than found in conventional testing, given the substantial evidence that external, high-stakes evaluations drive instruction. They ought to encourage critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

It is a mistake to use assessments to drive instructional improvement since it further de-skills and de-empowers teachers. If teachers continue to feel under pressure to drill children so as to pass conventional basic skills exams, professional-initiated adjustments are unlikely to be successful. So, in a perfect world, bottom-up and top-down changes would be implemented together, with lots of support for professional development in the middle.

Based on their requirements for quite distinct sorts of information: instantaneous and contextualized data, objectively equivalent outcomes, classroom assessments should operate autonomously from large-scale, external evaluations.

Given their limitations, one-time nature, and frequent use in making crucial judgments, external testing must exhibit improved reliability. Daily assessments conducted inside the context of teachings in the classroom, however, do not have the same high stakes implications for students. New information in following days can fix an inaccuracy if a teacher draws the wrong conclusion about a student’s comprehension on a particular day.

NEW Exam Files!
3rd Periodical Tests – All Subjects with TOS |
Date: March 25 – 26, 2024

GRADE 1 – 3rd Periodical Tests

GRADE 2 – 3rd Periodical Tests

GRADE 3 – 3rd Periodical Tests

GRADE 4 – 3rd Periodical Tests

GRADE 5 – 3rd Periodical Tests

GRADE 6 – 3rd Periodical Tests


Coming Soon!

Refresh this page for updates!

GRADE 7  – 3rd Periodical Tests

GRADE 8 – 3rd Periodical Tests

GRADE 9 – 3rd Periodical Tests

GRADE 10 – 3rd Periodical Tests

SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL – 3rd Periodical Tests


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These 3rd Periodical Tests were made in compliance with the Department of Education requirements.

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